why do people have problems with Mari’s overbite, i dun get it x,D


Fire Red Dystopia stream in half an hour!

I was wondering, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but what would you say is your least favourite nuzlocke you have come across?

Ahhh sorry I have a policy not to name drop nuzlockes I dislike :( 

It begins…

I’m AAAaaAAalmost done with the update guys! ^^


Silver’s Golbat is probably his most developed team member, watch out for him :)

While I'm not a fan of dark and edgy nuzlockes either, the reason why I love your nuzlocke so much is because while it IS a lot darker and more serious than other nuzlockes, it's not overly grim and dark and there's a lot of happy and cheesy moments that perfectly balances out the tone of the story. One part will be pure nightmare fuel and psychological horror (Slowpoke well was the prime example of this.. scratch that, ANYTHING involving Proton is) and the next part will be Jet being... Jet :)

Yeah! I try to balance things out and I think that’s why other dark Nuzlockes don’t appeal to me personally (I’m not saying ALL of them are unappealing, but the most I read are too overly dark for my taste).