I'm sorry for asking this here, but it seems that you have blocked your other blog's anon comments. Anyway, someone asks you for a critique/review of their Nuzlocke run. But after reading trough, you just can't find anything positive to say about it. The work sucks. How would you go around telling it to the author. Ty in advance.

No prob. 

I’ve been in that situation many times. If the person asks your honest opinion, just , lay it out. Maybe starting with; ‘It’s not really my cup of tea’ might help soften the blow or point out technical flaws and suggest improvements. It’s hard I know, but I rather someone tell me the truth of my run rather them lying through their teeth :)

computer broke


So my laptop’s power jack broke so I took it to the repair shop today. It’s gonna be there for a week I think so that means I can’t draw for that long. Also the expression images are in my laptop so I’ll be answering asks normally. 

No Nuzlocke updates or art work for a while (no less than a week) :( Sorry guys!

FYI The shipping poll is a joke

Yeah I’m not much of a shipper. The ‘romance’ in Judgement will be very, very rare and mostly ‘implied’ rather than acted upon. 

Note: Judgement is a daughter/mother story in disguise

What are you majoring in?

Fine Arts and Computer Animation! :D

who are your biggest artistic inspirations? I love your style and nuzlocke

Oooof I have so many inspirations but the most notable ones to me are Don Bluth’s animation style, Caravaggio’s paintings, Tolouse Lautrec’s drawings, and Walt Disney’s optimism.

Theory Thursday!


Got a theory after seeing the main update? Send it and I will post it.

In case there is a flood of it, please savior “theory thursday” for today!

Same here gais! :D I wanna read your theories~