If you start to do Judgement traditionally, what medium will you be using?

I’ll have to figure that out! Maybe I’m gonna mix both digital and traditional, I’ll let you guys know :)

Go and read this Judgement extra drawn by Jelleh and written by me!

Gonna do something crazy

Gonna try to make Judgement updates traditional. That way I save much more time :) 

If I drew some fanart for Judgement would it be better to submit it here or post it in the Nuzlocke forum thread?

Anywhere you like anon! ^^ Thank you so much! :)


Hi everyone!

So yeah, why is Mae updating super slowly nowadays, well the answer is simple my lovelies I’m studying and working really hard in college. While I’m working with college I’m also finishing up a commission, and I have to update two comics regularly.

I’m not going to abandon my…

This is pure "Speculation" but I imagine Glacia is involved with someone from the Dragon Clan... like they are extremely prideful but she basically specializes in their counters so while some might hate her someone is like "opposites attract" and got on that

Yep! :D You are actually right.

Glacia is involved with Marigold's Mom isn't she?

Pfff no xD It would’ve been obvious by now if that was the case.

Also Rue is in a ‘no love diet’ forever. 

Glacia's involved with Marigold's dad, isn't she?

Good guess but NOPE! :)

Oh man I didn't expect anyone from Generation 3 to show up. I'm itching to know how Glacia's involved with Johto's League!

It’s more that she’s involved with a certain character romantically. That’s all I’m gonna say :)