computer broke


So my laptop’s power jack broke so I took it to the repair shop today. It’s gonna be there for a week I think so that means I can’t draw for that long. Also the expression images are in my laptop so I’ll be answering asks normally. 

No Nuzlocke updates or art work for a while (no less than a week) :( Sorry guys!

FYI The shipping poll is a joke

Yeah I’m not much of a shipper. The ‘romance’ in Judgement will be very, very rare and mostly ‘implied’ rather than acted upon. 

Note: Judgement is a daughter/mother story in disguise

What are you majoring in?

Fine Arts and Computer Animation! :D

who are your biggest artistic inspirations? I love your style and nuzlocke

Oooof I have so many inspirations but the most notable ones to me are Don Bluth’s animation style, Caravaggio’s paintings, Tolouse Lautrec’s drawings, and Walt Disney’s optimism.

Theory Thursday!


Got a theory after seeing the main update? Send it and I will post it.

In case there is a flood of it, please savior “theory thursday” for today!

Same here gais! :D I wanna read your theories~

Was Vincent in some kind of hoarder house / breeding farm? ;-;

It will all be revealed in time.